In 2014,  MBCAL volunteers will be offering tutoring for people in Copper Mountain College’s Student Success Center who need extra help, either aiding with the College’s English as a Second Language class or in a one-on-one setting, as well as training new tutors and providing materials for other groups in the Morongo Basin that may wish to run their own tutoring programs.

While the economy improves in many areas of the country,  jobs are becoming more available. But,  people who don’t read well still need to improve their literacy skills to become employable. Therefore the Morongo Basin Coalition for Adult Literacy will be spending the year, as always, providing one-on-one free and confidential tutoring to adults in our community who need help with reading, basic English, comprehension, and/or with spelling and mathematics

By becoming a member of the MBCAL, you will help provide materials for students and training for their tutors. Your support in any amount is important to us.


>Basic Membership-$10 or $17 for two at the same address

>Supporter Membership-$25

>Sponsor Membership-$50 or more

>Lifetime Membership-$200


Our primary fund-raising activity for 2014 was the 23nd annual Spell-A-Thon, held on Saturday, March 8, in the Helen Gray Education Center in Joshua Tree, and sponsored for the third year by the Kiwanis Club of Twentynine Palms. The MBCAL is supported by money raised from memberships, the Spell-A-Thon, Elsinore Machris Gilliland Funds, a grant from the San Bemardino County Board of Supervisors, an in-kind donation from the Morongo Basin Transit Authority, and by donations from many community groups, businesses, and individuals.

The Morongo Basin Coalition for Adult Literacy welcomes you as a new or returning member, if not for you this program — that helps adults learn to read — would not be available.